What another amazing week it has been!

Year 2 are fabulously learning an abundance of new facts and information all about castles and the people who live in them. In maths, the children have practiced finding fractions of shape. We have looked at what the fraction symbol means and certain strategies to use to help us solve problems. We now know plenty of useful information to help us understnd fractions and how to solve them within shape. These  tasks are being sent home for homework this week so make sure you show your adults at home how fabulous you are and get them to try you with some challenging questions as well to test you’ve remembered the information.



Year 2 have been hard at work writing up their Non-Chronological Reports  based on Castles. I have been impressed by their determination to achieve the targets of each lesson with a focus on adding the ‘ed’ suffix to make past tense verbs, using paragraphs as well as headings to organise our writing up into the correct places to help with our coherent writing.  

These skills need to be reinforced at home as they need constant practice!



In art this week we have had the opportunity to use a variety of mediums such as pointillism, sketching, drawing with oil-pastels as well as collage. We have used the work of Paul Klee to help us with our castle pictures.



Now Year 2 will be given a home learning task to complete a fractions of shape task and practice their weekly spellings. Home learning tasks due Friday 1st February.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend 🙂