This week has whizzed by ..

Year 2 have been hard at work writing their biographies based on members of the Royal family including Queen Elizabeth 1 and 11 as well as the notorious King Henry V111. I have been impressed by their determination to achieve the targets of each lesson with a focus on adding the ‘ed’ suffix to make past tense verbs, using conjunctions to add detail to sentences and using an apostrophe for possession e.g. The snowman’s eyes were made from buttons.

These skills need to be reinforced at home as they need constant practice!



In maths, the children have practiced adding two 2digit numbers this week. We have used a new strategy to solve addition named colomn addition and I am incredibly pleased with how all children have picked up this method! These addition tasks are being sent home for homework this week so make sure you show your adults at home how fabulous you are at your new skill. 


In PE this week we have been working on our Speed, Agility and Quickness and Year 2 had to work on their ability to turn quickly and change their speed for different types of apparatus. 



Now Year 2 will be given a home learning task to complete column addition task and practice their weekly spellings. Home learning tasks due Friday 25th.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend 🙂