We have an expectation that learners wear the correct school uniform and appropriate footwear should also be worn.

Girls should not wear shoes with a heel. All learners must bring a change of shoes for use within the classroom.

It is important learners have a change of  clothes and footwear for PE. Boys will need black shorts and a  white top. Girls will need a black gymnastic skirt, black shorts or leggings for PE. It  is the parents’ responsibility that children bring the appropriate clothing for PE at the correct time. Children in Y5 going swimming will require a small bag for their costumes, hat and towel. You can order uniform from the following suppliers:



Valuables should not be brought to school. Watches and mobile phones are not necessary and jewellery should not be worn.

Children should not wear earrings, especially for PE to prevent serious accidents taking place. Any parent not complying with this ruling, does so at their own risk.