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Tracey Gammons

Chair of Governors

I have been a governor at Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant school for over 8 years. I joined as a parent governor and recently took on the role of chair of governors as I felt I had now had gained enough knowledge and experience of governance to do the role justice.

I originally worked in the finance industry and held many roles from back office administration to client facing relationship management roles. This experience has given me a good understanding of budget and finance,  strategy and forward planning, and people management issues that are discussed by the governing body.

I am currently the governor responsible for Finance Audit, Safeguarding and Early years Foundation Stage.

I am passionate about providing every child with the best education possible, and always strive to ensure that the impact of our decisions on the outcomes for children is always at the forefront of our thinking as a board of governors.


George Skinner – Co-opted governor

As a member of Whiston Parish Council I was nominated as a Local Authority Governor to serve on Whiston Worrygoose Governing Body approximately 30 years ago! In that time I have seen many changes in the education system of the methods in which children are educated and the expectations.

I see my role as critical friend to the Senior Management of the school. I very much enjoy all aspects of being a Governor at Whiston Worrygoose Junior and Infant School and particularly being part of an excellent team.



Samantha Lord

I have recently joined Whiston Worrygoose as a co-opted governor. I have been involved in education as a parent volunteer, general classroom support assistant, specialised teaching assistant and teacher for the last eighteen years. My most recent teaching experience was in Early Years at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Rawmarsh and I now work for Rotherham Learning Support Service across Early Years, Primary and Secondary supporting schools, children and their families with special educational needs.

I have been a governor at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School for nine years. I joined as a staff governor and recently took on the role of foundation governor as I left school to further my career.

I am currently the governor responsible for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

On a personal note I regularly attend St Joseph’s Church, Rawmarsh; I have a nineteen year old boy presently at Durham University and I am a season ticket holder at Rotherham United.

I am passionate about providing every child with the best education possible, and always strive to ensure that the impact of our decisions on the outcomes for children is always at the forefront of our thinking as a board of governors.



Mr Asad Ali
Hi, my name is Asad Ali and I have two children who both attend Whiston Worrygoose. I was born in Rotherham and have always lived here. I completed my MPharm Degree in 2006 and registered as a Pharmacist in 2007 after completing my preregistration year. I still work as a pharmacist and have a keen interest in health and wellbeing.

I have decided to put myself forward for the vacancy for parent governor as I feel I would be able to contribute to the school and our children’s learning in a positive way.  As parents it is important that we ensure our children are in safe surroundings and that their environment is both engaging as well as providing them with the best support available to improve themselves. I believe governors can play a major role in achieving this by looking at procedures and standards, making sure these are monitored whilst always looking at ways to improve. I would truly like to be a part of the governing body so I can be a part of a team which ensures the school’s performance is of as higher quality as possible.

I am willing to take any relevant training as a governor which would help my ability to further improve the school. I would always be happy to speak to parents who have any suggestions or ideas with regards to school. I would encourage and promote the importance of parents/guardians involvement in their children’s development and learning. I look forward to being able to support the school as much as I can, to help them nurture our children to become the best they can be.



Gina Lowry


I have been a parent at Whiston Worrygoose for the last four years and I have been very happy with the start that my children have made to their education here.  I feel that the school has lots of potential to support our children and develop their all-round education, which was why I opted to become a parent governor to help support this development.

I am currently an assistant head teacher in another local primary school.  I have been teaching now for 18 years with the bulk of my experience being in year five / six until three years ago when I moved to teach FS2.  I am also SENCO and EYFS leader, as well as communication and language co-ordinator and a qualified mentor for initial teacher training.   Therefore I have an understanding of the issues facing education today as well as understanding school from a parents point of view.

I am passionate about ensuring that all children receive the best education they can.  To me this means equipping them with the skills necessary to take an active role in our world.  Therefore developing creative thinkers, problem solvers and children who can persevere is as important to me, as mastering the basics in literacy and numeracy.    All children learn in different ways and I believe strongly that in Primary education, it is our job to find a way in which ALL children can achieve, thrive and enjoy their time in primary school.




Mrs J Wilding

I have been involved with Whiston Worrygoose School since 1995 when my son James started Nursery, now known as FS1. By 1997 my daughter had also joined the school and I began to become more and more involved. I joined the Home School Association and was actively involved in fund raising events. Before long, I was helping out in class on a voluntary basis, I trained as a Better Reading Partnerand came into school three afternoons a week working with the children to try to improve reading skills.

Shortly after I was approached by Mr Henderson, who was then the Headteacher, but now the CEO of Whitewoods Primary Academy Trust,  re supporting the children in FS2 for a period of a few weeks to help with the transition period….sixteen years later I am still here! During this time I have attended many training courses and I have achieved Higher Level Teaching Assistant status. Following this I undertook to study for a Foundation Degree in Early Years Education, which also affords me senior practitioner status in Early Years.

I have recently joined the Board of Governors as the support staff representative and look forward to working with the rest of the board as the school moves forward.