HOMEWORK PROJECT – SUMMER 1.     Rainforests.


Our project this term is based around the topic of ‘animals, plants and humans’.

Your homework is to create a presentation with the following title:

Why Are The Rainforests Of The World Important To All Of Us?

Your homework could be a book that you make yourself, pictures, or even a 3D model of a rainforest. 

I really like it when you use your own ideas!

Adults can help you but the work should be all of your own.

You can use a computer, photographs, pictures from the internet or your own drawings.

The finished work will need to be handed in by the end of May, when you will present your homework to the class.


  • Go to the local library • Look to see if you have any books yourself •


www.rainforest-alliance.org/kids • www.chiddingstone.kent.sch.uk/homework/rainforest.html