It has been one exciting week in foundation, after caring for our dinosaur eggs we arrived on Monday to discover that they had been some changes their colour. A letter from Cbeebies presenter Andy Day informed us that our eggs were preparing to hatch and that they must return to prehistoric time immediately. We quickly set to work building a  magical time machine just like Andy’s from his prehistoric adventures and using his magical words we sent our eggs back in time.  


IMG_0373  IMG_0366   IMG_0378

After a sleepless night wondering what was to happen, we returned to discover that the eggs had left the time machine and a second letter awaited us. We could hardly contain our excitement when we discovered that Andy had watched our eggs hatch and he had managed to collected video footage of our Dino baby T-Rex returning to his mum.

IMG_0638     IMG_0661

Thank goodness we got them back in time. What on earth would have done with a T-Rex in class? Just look how large his feet would have been.

But don’t think we have finished there we’ve still got lots more to learn!


Mrs Hill and Miss Yeardley